Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'd be happy any place but here

Soundtrack: Mama Cass

Stuff has happened since I last wrote. I am sleeping properly and smiling. Why?

On my return from my break in Devon I looked at the courses of action I had open to me: staying in my job and continuing to feel miserable/lousy, or leaving my job. So I handed my notice in on Monday this week. Shine sweet freedom...the next chapter is about to begin. One place of work for seven years, followed by another for seven months, sure it'll look a bit odd on the CV, but to be frank I don't care. I really appreciate the luxury of having a bit of money put away so that I could make this bold/stupid decision.

As far as what I do next goes, I'm keeping my options open. Things are going to be fine. I don't feel scared: in fact I feel elation. It's all to play for.

Monday, February 04, 2008

This ship was built to last

Soundtrack: Neptune by The Duke Spirit; Made in the Dark by Hot Chip

There is a spring in my step, I am sleeping properly, I am holding it together. All of these things are only possible because I am not at work this week.

I spent a pleasant weekend. Saturday was Ms Duckworth's hen do. I shambled into the Soho Hotel looking like a hobo and pretty soon afterwards had an hour's worth of expensive reflexology, which although painful was one of the most relaxing things I had ever experienced. We had a posh meal at Yauatcha and then onto the 101 Bar. By that point I was done in and went home. It was a good day though.

On Sunday I spent some more time with my favourite Italian plumber, then went to Kingston to see Juno with Afraid of Ducks. The film was great, and very very funny too. My favourite bit of dialogue (forgive me, this won't be verbatim):

Juno: And you're so cool, you don't even have to try.
Bleecker: I try, really, really hard actually.

That reminds me of a post I wrote on here ages ago actually.

From there, we had a couple of pints in The Cocoanut. Now that's what I call a Sunday.

Today, J returned from Barcelona and it is great to see him after what feels like weeks of him being away (it was just four days). Tomorrow, I go to Devon.

Here's to a week of happiness.