Friday, April 25, 2008

All change. (Again.)

Greetings, browsers. I am back, following a short break from the blog. During this time I managed to interview for, get offered, and start a new job. I now work for a publishing company in Kingston. I don't have to manage anyone; except myself, that is. I'm just three days in but y'know, it feels alright. The twenty minute commute isn't half bad either. This evening when I got home, I managed a full 90 minutes of Super Mario Galaxy before JJ got home. In the old days I would have spent that time sitting on trains...
We also had a week's holiday recently on the island of Madeira. We stayed in the city of Funchal, which is the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo. I don't have much time for him as a person, but boy, his skills...give him a ball and a yard of grass etc.. Madeira is a nice place, there isn't much to do there apart from soak up the sun and walk the levadas. I'll post some levada walk pictures here just as soon as I have downloaded them.

However, I did want to post a gratuitous picture of the hotel we stayed in...Oscar Niemeyer designed, no less. It was marvellous. Our room was the fourth one along from the front of the building on the bottom row of windows.
I am pining for it a bit right at this moment.