Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beyond the sea

Another gap.

We've returned from a week in Dorset. It was utterly peaceful, with nothing to fill the days but eating cakes and scones from Leakers Bakery and watching the brilliant Homes Under the Hammer (I mean that sincerely: it's addictive viewing). We even got to see The World's Greatest Dog (and her accompanying human), which was a special treat. We laughed our arses off when a wave splashed her, which was rather cruel of us...she spent the rest of the walk casting a wary eye at the sea.

I also filled my head with many things Fey: her autobiography, Baby Mama and 30 Rock season 4. While we're on the subject, I happened upon this today: someone has transcribed every single line that Tracy Jordan has ever said in the series (eg, “Frank, for all your hard work, please accept this set of solid gold nunchuks.”)

Other stuff is happening. There's a move on the cards (subject to contracts), and a heck of a pile of attendant paperwork to complete. On the baby front, I'm growing steadily larger and each morning brings another frustrating rifle through the one drawer of clothes I fit into. My back pain seems to have gone, which may be because of the acupuncture I've been having, or maybe not. I'm hanging in there.

The next few weeks are busy. More electronic music/Jarvis, another wedding reception, a weekend away, a couple of catch-ups with some notables, and GEORGE CLINTON speaking at the British Library. No, I didn't dream that. It really is happening.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I see your picture, it's the same old frame...we meet again

This evening, I'm going to type a few words about my mother.

It's a year ago today since she died, and tomorrow is the official anniversary. It's not been a great week. But you know - I don't want to feel sad all the time. I'd like to remember my mum at her sarcastic, witty best, and not be weeping and wailing. That does nobody any good, after all. Letting misery define you is not the best idea (I wish I could go back in time and tell the 17 year old me this) .

Anyway, I'm sure she would be pleased to hear that the baby is doing well (my 20 week scan was this afternoon), and that I don't intend to lie face down on the carpet all day tomorrow, weeping. The first anniversary was always going to be the toughest. But life continues on, as well it should.