Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At last: some actual news

Yes, you read it right. Actual news. Here we go.

I've been bullshitting about nothing happening. There has been stuff happening. That stuff mainly revolves around my body going absolutely nutso, because I'm pregnant. Again - yes, you read that right. I am 14 weeks today. So there you are.

The early days were horrific and passed in a blur of extreme nausea. Regular readers will know I am averse to vomiting, so I haven't actually been physically sick at any point. Which has been a big relief. This was mainly down to a steady diet of digestive biscuits.

I'm not going to go all STFU Parents if I can help it. Not yet, anyway. I'm the person I always was, but with a slightly firmer pot belly, as flab turns to baby. I think I'll leave this post on that charming image, and save my other updates for later this week.


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