Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's just have some fun, etc

Hmm. Bit of a gap there. After a fun-packed opening six weeks to the year, things slowed down last week.

The last evening out I had was a couple of weeks back, when I went to see Nick Mohammed, Jonny Sweet and Adam Buxton do a show at the Tabernacle in London's trustafarian epicentre, Notting Hill. I'd never been to the Tabernacle before, and I must say...I liked it. It's like a really upmarket arts centre with an efficient restaurant attached (well, I say efficient: it took longer to order the food than it did to receive it, which was a bit strange).

The gig itself was pretty good: Nick Mohammed performed a feat of memory as his character Mr Swallow, which raised a couple of smiles. Jonny Sweet slayed me with a shortened version of his show Let's just have some fun (and learn something for once), which is about the HMS Nottingham. Sounds like an unlikely topic for a routine, but it was just brilliant.

I've been a fan of Adam Buxton for a long old time now, since his appearances on Takeover TV in the early 90s, through to The Adam and Joe Show and then the brilliant Saturday morning radio show on 6music. Buckles is a lovely chap, slightly shorter in real life than you might think, and very hirsute. He was genuinely funny. To my mind, one of the best bits of his set was a set of Frankie Boyle cracker jokes he'd written (you can imagine the content).

He had what are known in the business as some enormous technical fuck ups, which ate into about 15-20 minutes of his time. (That's Macs for ya.) This was a shame - the Tabernacle has a strict curfew so there was no way of just adding the time on at the end of the set. He was properly embarrassed and even offered to do an extra (free) show for anyone who felt short-changed. To be honest, the crowd were all behind him, so I'd be surprised if anyone was genuinely disgruntled about the problems.

Since then, life has been quiet. It has been nice to have a bit of time off from the relentless parade of FUN! But there will be more jollity very soon.

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