Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On Winter Hill

2011 started inauspiciously. We went to Leith Hill, which is in the middle of nowhere in Surrey, for a walk on New Year's Day. It was freezing cold, and there was virtually no visibility once on the hilltop.

The days that have followed have been strangely flat. In fact, although Christmas on the whole was largely enjoyable, it was very quiet.

However, it's the fourth of the month today, I've returned to work (the routine I have needed has returned and I'm, whisper it, enjoying it to some extent) and I am trying to be positive about what lies ahead.

This seems to be a general theme with me..."I was trying to be positive"..."I started out feeling OK about things, then quickly abandoned ship". Well, I am absolutely giving it my best shot this time. This month sees some drinks with old friends, a bit of culture, a bit of comedy, and maybe some visits, and I am frantically emailing everybody I have ever met about getting together (apologies if you're already sick of my over-keen emails).

2010 was the tedious wallflower year. 2011 won't be. I'm determined.


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