Monday, November 29, 2010

Hit the North, Parts 1 and 2

We are hurtling towards the end of the year at speed, and it's been busy. Work brings budget machinations and planning for next year; home has brought projects of varying kinds. We now have new carpets, replacing the stuff that has been down since we moved in, which was moth-eaten, threadbare and filthy to varying degrees: our new floor-covering appears to have warmed the place up very slightly, although I did spend five minutes chipping ice off the inside of the bedroom windows this morning...

We have been getting out and about at last. We spent a lovely weekend in the gorgeous home of toocool and R, which was splendid, and sampled what Birmingham had to offer. Brum has changed radically since I was last there in 1991 (for a Fuzztones concert at Edwards No.8, with support from ZuZu's Petals. Ouch, that dates me). For the better, I should add. We had a splendid time, which variously included curry, a drink in a fine local, a whole lotta chat and some napping (some of us are getting on a bit).

I spent some time with Mrs Hall at the Cockpit Arts Open Studios, which was a pleasant Friday afternoon diversion. Then, to Manchester, which was cold and frosty and packed with people (We have never had it so good, apparently). We caught up with a few notables (PL, TL and their respective partners). At a tiki bar in the Northern Quarter, I was served a flaming cocktail in a pint pot, which was a first for me, I must say. We also briefly caught up with Mr and Mrs Green in slightly less boozy/flammable circumstances the next day. Again, this was great, if long-overdue.

This week - Janelle Monae! Hooray.

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At 12:43 pm, Blogger Cressida said...

We so loved having you both there! I hope it's not too long before you think about making another visit. :-)


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