Monday, July 16, 2007

All good things...

The past couple of weeks have been a little bizarre. I spent the first one wondering just what I was doing - unable to settle, unable to complete anything I started, just a puddle of apathy. I spent a lot of time watching Spaced, which spoke to me even more than when I first saw it over seven years ago.

Last week I was in Devon doing a lot of talking, drinking coffee, mowing lawns, going to school sports day, hanging out with the dog and playing with kittens.

This week, it all begins again. I start a new job tomorrow, and I must admit I'm feeling a little concerned about this sudden leap out of my comfort zone. It's funny, that's all I've wanted for this past 18 months or so, but now I've reached this point it feels very odd indeed.

With that, I'm probably going to stop updating this. I was thinking about killing it off altogether, but I think a slow, dignified fade might be better. Failing that I might move it to a different place (is there such a thing as a care home for ailing blogs?).

Anyway, I'll see you sometime.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Out with the old

Well, that was an eventful week, with one thing and another. I am finally gainfully unemployed.

Monday was JJ's birthday. To celebrate, on Tuesday night we went out for a bite to eat and to see the Rites of Spring in 3D thing that I mentioned back along. That was pretty amazing really...and far too odd to explain here. I became a little enamoured of the Philip Glass piece that was performed that evening and am determined to hunt it down.

The following morning I had a third round interview for a job. The tubes were broken and so I took a cab, which then ended up in stationary traffic. I got to the interview one minute late, and luckily the person who was due to meet with me was stuck on the phone. This gave me some time to sort myself out. I did well and came out of the interview far more confident than when I'd gone in.

On Thursday it was our sort-of last day in the office. We arranged a fancy sandwich lunch and there were speeches, and I didn't cry. That evening, the seven of us that were leaving had a do of sorts, and it was enjoyable (although I joked that if it hadn't have been in my honour I'd have left after my second drink, which is my usual trick. Always leave them wanting more).

I went into work on Friday with a headache that became a crashing hangover. I picked up my redundancy cheque at about 10.30 and went straight out and banked it. Within an hour, I had accepted an offer of the job I was interviewed for a couple of days before, and am due to start that in two weeks' time. When I eventually left the bulding that evening, I only cracked as DL escorted me to the pass door. This had more to do with the thought of missing him and my other friends than sadness at leaving. From there I went to meet JJ for a drink, then onto the ICA to meet Pandaman at a do he was DJing at.

It was a very good day.