Monday, March 31, 2008

Alternate title

I have a cold at the moment. When this happens, I have trouble sleeping and also have peculiar dreams. Last night was no exception.

Rich Fulcher - the man who plays Bob Fossil in The Mighty Boosh - was writing a book. It was called 'Stupid Hat - Why Mike Nesmith Left The Monkees'. He was also starring as Mike Nesmith in a stage adaptation, complete with said stupid hat. What the hell?! I'm toying with calling Fulcher's agent and suggesting it as his next project.

Recently I have become incredibly irritated by the BBC 6 Music trailer for George Lamb. At the end of the trailer he says 'Keep it 6 music, yeah?' which 1) doesn't mean ANYTHING at all and 2) reminds me of Nathan Barley. What are 6 Music playing at? The bloke is clearly a total arse.

Meanwhile, back in the real world...I am still unemployed. Last week I was in Devon visiting my family. Now I am back in town, the job hunt begins again. I am actually bizarrely busy with domestic stuff in the meantime - months of neglect to the flat have taken their toll. Me sitting here blogging about bugger all won't help, so I had better get back to it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jobless in Ham

Well, this is it reader, I am unemployed.

Recently I have done a few things -

Tried to surf the internet for Can ringtones, without success
Spent several hours looking at YouTube footage of Julian Barratt
Applied for a couple of jobs
Got up to 68 stars on Super Mario Galaxy - only 52 more to complete the whole game
Tried to tidy the flat, without much success
Finally got my bicycle fixed

Last night I went to The Light Bar to another Loft party with David Mancuso on the wheels of steel. Dave is still a portly old acid casualty who never smiles, so not much change there. I realised - although I already knew this, to an extent - that I just don't understand happy music. House and disco I can enjoy, up to a point, but I don't "get it". Some would argue that I needn't get it, that I should feel it - but I definitely don't feel it. I like miserable angry music. It's just the way I'm built, I think.

Stuff has occurred since I last posted, in fact I have had more of a life than I've had for some time. I saw Fucked Up with Mr Abbott, which was enormous fun (and I had an enormous hangover to match the following day). I went to Miss Duckworth and Mr Southin's nuptials, where they had hired an Elvis impersonator - nice. I had a sweet leaving do at a bit of a naff city bar and my old workmates gave me some lovely gifts.

There isn't anything else, at the moment. There was almost a job but it slipped away, owing to the current economic climate in the US. Gawd only knows what's next.