Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You've taken the fun out of everything

I'm aware it's been a little while. Thing is, I don't want to do that whole "I'm pregnant, this is what's happening to me in minute detail" thing. Just as the wedding happened largely offstage, I think that the whole baby thing shall too. No-one really wants to hear about my physiological curiosities, how large I'm getting, and how often my sleep gets interrupted by weird dreams/shooting pains. That's what Twitter is for. [Joke.]

The hayfever has been plaguing me again, and I can't take anything for it (apart from a nasal spray). This has been a pain, and it has also stopped me from doing stuff.

However, we did spend last weekend with the family in Devon. We had a lovely time. It was nice to see everyone, but it was bloody exhausting, and I came back needing more time off to recover from the time off.

Dog bulletin: Bella has taken to jealously guarding the tortoise (little Daphne) on her first trips into the garden. The footage of the dog snapping and snarling at anyone who approached the tortoise pen was both funny and faintly disturbing - as was the video of her trying to pick Daphne up in her mouth. Not ideal for Daphne. Yet again, Bella is confused about what puppies actually look like. I can't quite believe that she thinks hard shells are regular attire for canines, but hey ho.

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