Sunday, June 17, 2007

If you didn't come to party, then why did you come here?

Where does the time go? My heavy workload at work doesn't help with updating this regularly. You should know that I'm approaching my final two weeks in my job and am becoming increasingly demob happy. I've also started being the real me when confronted with rudeness from colleagues whom are keeping their jobs. Some of the stuff I'm being asked by those dimwits has to be heard to be believed - one even had the temerity to ask me what would be happening after I left. You can imagine how I dealt with that.

I am currently mid-way through a fairly intensive interview process for job with a big city firm. Not quite the love-in I was hoping for after many years of crazy corporate nonsense, but it promises to be interesting and very well paid. Keep 'em crossed for me.

I have just been home to spend a bit of time with my family. It was very pleasant, and I tried not to do very much else bar chat to people and walk the dog. On the whole it was very relaxing.

And I'm going to need a bit of down time before it all kicks off. This week culminates in a big party to celebrate my emancipation and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.


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